Are your rings made with Cobalt?

No, we only use high quality nickel as the binding agent in our rings and Jewel .

Our tungsten carbide jewelry is cobalt free.

Why is it important to have a Cobalt free Tungsten Ring?

Cobalt is used in low quality tungsten rings as an alternative binder. Tungsten rings with cobalt are susceptible to scratching, marring, corrosion, and cracking. Tungsten bands manufactured with cobalt often negatively react with skin causing rashes and itchiness. NEVER buy a tungsten ring which contains cobalt.

Can a Tungsten Ring be removed in an emergency?

Yes. To remove a tungsten carbide ring in an emergency situation, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clamp vice-grip pliers loosely on the ring.
  2. Tighten slowly until you hear a crack.
  3. Remove vice-grip and place in another position on the ring.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the material breaks away. Take care not to slide or rotate the cracked ring on the finger. If the ring contains an inlay of gold, or other soft materials, the inlay can be cut or clipped away in the usual fashion.

Can Tungsten Rings be resized?

No, unlike traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten rings cannot be resized. The metal is simply too hard to cut with any conventional jeweler's tool. Tungsten rings run approximately 1/2 size larger than traditional metals. If you find your finger size has changed over time and you require a new size, do not worry, we offer free life time resizing  warranty, subject to £5 shipping and handling fee .

Are Tungsten Rings Comfortable?

Yes. Comfortable fit ,we are confident you will find your tungsten carbide ring  very comfortable .

Is There a Difference Between Tungsten Rings and Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Yes. There is a difference between pure tungsten and tungsten carbide rings. Pure tungsten rings are very soft and can be scratched, bent, and damaged very easily. Tungsten carbide on the other hand is one of the hardest, most durable metals with which jewelry is made. Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant, will not bend, and will not tarnish. All of our rings are made of tungsten carbide.

How is a Tungsten Carbide Ring Made?

Tungsten carbide rings are created by combining tungsten powder with carbon and nickel. The powders are then placed in a high pressure dye to form a blank. To bind the nickel and carbon with the tungsten the blank is fired at 3600 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the tungsten rings have cooled they are then cut, shaped, and polished. Due to the fact tungsten carbide is almost as hard as a diamond the shaping and polishing process is very similar to that of the diamond. From start to finish your tungsten carbide ring will go through approximately 35 steps.

Are the Black & Gold Plated tungsten rings as tough as the natural tungsten rings? Will the plating scratch or fade over time?

The Black or Gold colour is actually plating affixed to the tungsten via a process called "IP plating" tungsten itself is silver in colour, so the only way to achieve the colour is to use plating. The plating will not scratch or wear off as easily as traditional metals, but it is not as scratch resistant as the tungsten underneath. Plating can be damaged or scratched by coming into contact with an abrasive surface or substance, chemicals, hard surfaces (metal, wood, tile, etc.). Plating can also be damaged by frequent exposure to hard water, Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any concern/question. However, you can buy with confidence  because you will still receive the protection of our lifetime warranty with all purchases from

I keep hearing about the Mohs Scale and how strong Tungsten Carbide is. What is the Mohs Scale and what does it have to do with rings?

The Mohs Scale of mineral hardness is a way to measure the strength of your ring. A metal with a higher number on the Mohs Scale is stronger and less likely to be scratched or bent, where a metal such as gold with a Mohs number of 3 is more likely to be scratched or bent then say a titanium ring with a Mohs number of 6. The following is a list of common metals used in jewelry production and their corresponding Mohs number:

  • Gold 2.5-3
  • Silver 2.5-3
  • Platinum 4-4.5
  • Titanium 6
  • Tungsten Carbide 9
  • Diamonds 10

What this all means is that if you lead a more active lifestyle and you choose a gold band you are far more likely to see significant damage and scratching then with a titanium ring. With a titanium ring you are more likely to see bending and scratching then with Tungsten carbide. To put this all in perspective not only are tungsten carbide rings stylish and comfortable, they also are the only ring which will never bend and can only be scratched by diamonds. Your Tungsten Carbide will be permanently polished and look brand new for many years (10- 20 years and beyond)